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GTablet Arrived
It actually arrived yesterday, but I wasn't expecting it until today so it remained on my stoop until midnight after I checked the delivery website.
I played around with the stock interface and left it to charge overnight after typing in the wifi key. This morning, because I woke up at a really early hour, I decided to root it. VeganTab 7.0 is really cool, and the tab seems to run pretty well. I'm impressed how many apps seem to run on tablets, aldiko for example.
The only real bugs I've encountered are audio, seems to think the headset is plugged in when you set the volume to 0. Can be reset by a headphone plug event and it deleted all my video of my sdcard... OK that sucked. Oh and it doesn't appear to honor the wakeLock API. Listening to audio is annoying as it turns off then the tablet goes to sleep.

Battery life seems really strong. Like hours and hours of untethered use.

Trying to find a decent video player, mplayer now seems to cost 5USD and called vplayer. But it comes highly recommended. It does seem to run really well. More later.

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I installed Cyanogen, as the instructions on that site were better. Typing is a bit of a challenge; I'm hoping to try out Swype as soon as my microSD card finishes going through badblocks. (EverNote won't operate without an SD card in place, and Swype won't download the installer; once I told Cyanogen to erase the card, it wouldn't format or mount it.)

Some apps, like Google Reader, clearly weren't designed to cope with larger screens.

Evernote runs just fine. v3 just came out yesterday and it's tablet aware, if not tablet enabled. Yeah typing is not that easy on a tablet. I'm tempted to try a bluetooth one. I think I may have one squirreled away someplace...

Now that I have the SD card in place, EverNote is fine, Swype gives up in disgust, and Aldiko is displaying pages side-by-side.

OK, that worked out better than I expected. I have an old iGo stowaway keyboard stuffed in a draw and I just paired it with the gTab. Keyboard powar!

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